When they meet jobseekers, especially at a networking event, lots of people wrinkle their noses, considering these folks to be needy and takers as opposed to givers. Instead, job seekers are some of the people you should always have in your network. For at least three reasons.


They are networkers

Whether they have always been networkers (recommended) or they only became networkers when their job search started, job seekers are actively (and proactively) networking. And there is nothing better than networking with people that actually understand networking in its real essence.


They are up to date

Job seekers are very well informed people, and not just about the job market: they continually follow the news, and are refreshing their skills and competences, be it through courses or on their own. Also, as networkers, they are constantly talking to people and thus have a lot of insider knowledge, which will only become public later on, or perhaps never!


You can easily add value to them

Whether they are networkers or not, job seekers will appreciate support, probably more than the average person. This way, it will be easier for you to provide value to them, and your efforts will be much more appreciated. And as we know, gratitude often translates into networking karma.


Can you think of any other reason for connecting with job seekers? Let us know!