Are you one of those many baby boomers who have lost their job? Or are you between 50 and 65 and afraid you will be made redundant soon? If networking has always been your lifestyle, at least over the past few years, you shouldn’t worry too much. For at least three reasons.


Job search is shorter

When they apply for job openings in a traditional way, most baby boomers get rejected because of their mature age and high salary expectations. On the contrary, if they apply through their network, they will be more successful. Whether they get informed by their contacts about vacancies that are not public (yet) or they apply themselves and get recommended afterwards, pre-qualification is involved, which generate trust in the recruiter.


Starting your own business is easier

More and more baby boomers who have lost their job start their own business. Most of them have always been great networkers. And this is not a case. Indeed, most of the times their network is the very reason why they decided to start their own business: their first clients, partners and promoters are contacts they have known for years. Moreover, their networking skills make them great sellers and business developers, which allows for them to reach strangers too.


A new job might not be needed

Most successful people just happen to be great networkers. It goes without saying that if you’ve always led a networking lifestyle, you’re probably successful, and thus wealthy. And if you’ve reached financial freedom, you might decide not too look for a new job :-)


Baby boomer and never networked? Go start now! Not a baby boomer? Do it anyway: it’s never to early to start networking!