“In this digital era, business cards are dead”, people tell me time and again. I respond “Business cards are more topical now than ever!”. And this for at least six reasons.


They make you stand out

At events, on the street, most people are exchanging contact details digitally. If you extend a business card instead, you will surely stand out. And if your business card is actually of good quality, even better: it will be remembered, and maybe even stored after getting scanned.


They’re tangible

The physical presence of a business card allows for you to actually take it into your hands, put it in your pocket and carry it home. This makes the rapport you built with your interlocutor last also after your interaction.


They work as a reminder

How many times do we add people on social media still during our first meeting, they immediately accept our request and then after the interaction we forget each other forever? If you add your new contact after the event, thanks to the business card they gave you you will probably drop a follow-up line as well, which will increase chances to actually stay in touch.


They’re practical at events

How many times do we miss out on potentially amazing contacts because the event was too crowded to properly exchange contact details? With business cards, all you have to do is hand it to your interlocutor, which takes about 1.849 seconds. By the way, with social phenomena such as Meetup, Tweetups and InterNations, events are definitely becoming more and more of a trend!


They represent your brand

This one is especially valid for entrepreneurs. The design of your business card should follow your corporate design, which in turn expresses graphically your corporate identity. Extending your business card, therefore, equals offering a piece of your brand, which is greatly personal and thus helps building rapport.


They’re more innovative than ever

With the technology we have in 2016, we can create extremely cool business cards. Indeed, the best business cards that have ever been created. Take a look at these, for instance!


So go have your business cards made now! Yet before you start distributing them, make sure you keep this in mind.