Fancy travelling the world, but scarce time and finances don’t make it easy? You don’t have to leave your town to get to know new cultures. Not if you connect with these three categories of people.



They come from all over the world, but moved to your town for work. If they are not your coworkers, you can meet them by joining associations such as InterNations, GLocals and Meetup. Some of these groups only exist locally, like ZuriGo, an expat community I host events for in Zurich. As a good super-connector, you can also start your own expat club, dedicated for instance to a specific country or language, or to a specific hobby or business theme.


Frequent travellers based in your town

They come from or are based where you also live, but are often out of town. Usually, they travel during the weekend or for entire weeks if it’s for leisure, and during the week if it’s business. This latter category is mainly represented by business developers, publicists, consultants and professionals operating at exhibitions and conferences, such as speakers, interpreters and scientists. These people are constantly exposed to new places and cultures, and every trip is a new story they can tell you. Also, if you fancy a certain item from a country they will visit soon, you can ask them for a little favour. Don’t forget reciprocity though!


Travellers currently in your town

They can be people on a business trip, or simply tourists. You can meet them in cafés of hotels, stations and airports. You might never see them again offline, but you can develop an online friendship if you managed to deeply connect during the short time you spent together. And if you establish a relationship, next time they come to your town it could be to visit you, or maybe they will even invite you to visit them.


Can you think of any other category? Let us know!