Coworking spaces are the future of work. Solopreneurs, startups and now even corporations operate from them. This makes them one of the best places for networking! Yet how do you network in such an environment? Simply follow these six tipps.


Attend events

Firstly, don’t miss the welcome meeting: in it, you will not only discover how the coworking space operates, but you will also meet the community manager and other newbies – who are particularly open to networking, as they do not know anybody yet. Coworking spaces also host lots of events, on a daily basis as well as at multiple times of the day. Make sure you attend them regularly.


Befriend influencers

Influencers in a coworking space are not just community managers or staff: they are also its very members. Observe your coworkers: who is going up to the most people? Who is approached by the most members? Who is able to engage them? These are the networkers. These are the connectors. Make sure you befriend them, and ask them to introduce you to other members – possibly other influencers. Don’t forget to add value to them them though!


Be mobile

Try to move desks and rooms often, at least once a day. Favour desks in the middle of rooms, or where people pass by. Also, move around, and take the long way to the toilet, the coffee machine, the exit.


Drink coffee

Weather in the kitchen, or at the bar: drink coffee! Make sure though that you look around and talk to people while the coffee machine is working for you. Offer your co-members to make coffee for them, even if that means just pressing a button. Tea and water are also allowed. Smoking is a social activity too, but I’m not going to advise you to do it!


Be online

Large (or fancy) coworking spaces have their own social media platforms. Most of the others surely use Facebook or Slack. Make sure you network there too. And if no platform exists yet: offer to create one yourself! This way, you will add value, which will make you stand out and be adored – especially by the staff, who have probably been aware of this lack of service.


Say yes!

Every time somebody asks you if you fancy taking a break together, if you’re attending the next event, if you could give them feedback about their startup: just go for it! Every single one of these requests is an opportunity for socialising. Even a cigarette break is – as long as you don’t become a smoker yourself :-p


And how do you network in your coworking space? Let us know!