New year, new career? Great at networking and want to do something with it? Or simply after a platform where you can improve your networking skills? There are at least six professions you should consider.


Public relations

Publicists are the networkers par excellence. In order to have journalists write about their brands, publicists have to do much more than simply writing press releases: they have to build relationships and nurture them by carefully selecting whom they want to share which pieces of news with. Pretty often, they even go as far as spoiling journalists with luxurious events and gadgets!



It goes without saying that journalists build relationships with publicists. Moreover, almost like detectives, they talk with anybody who can provide them with hot news. If you want to make friends with a journalist, make sure you dispose of information nobody else has, and you are delivering only to them, on time and to the point. They will love you forever!


Event Manager

People in this role coordinate a variety of stakeholders: companies, organisations, venues, caterers, technicians, musicians, guests and the media. Every event happens only once, so it’s unique. This involves a different concept every time, and thus always different people collaborating. Therefore, the network of event managers is constantly expanding.


Venue manager

Venue managers collaborate a lot with event managers and all the other above-mentioned professionals. Also, they constantly deal with customers, some changing every day and some being regular guests. Venue managers will especially build relationships with the latter, but with their socials skills they will try to persuade the former to become regulars too. The higher the variety of guests, the more varied their network will be.



The fast pace of a recruiting agency leads these professionals to constantly be in touch with a high amount of companies and an enormous amount of candidates. The more contacts they have, the better they will be able to match the former with the latter. Yet in order to do this efficiently, they have to know them well, which involves the development of deeper relationships, especially with firms, i.e. their direct clients.


Business owner

Business owners deal with as many categories of professionals as CEOs, but as business founders they have to be amazing networkers to find the right cofounders, investors and leadership team. Also, depending on the size and the age of the enterprise, they might have to deal themselves with sales, an activity which involves a lot of networking too. Moreover, startups are extremely open to collaborations: try attending one of their events and you’ll see how much potential for creation there is!


Any other professions great networkers should consider? Let us know!