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Do you need to be an extrovert to be a networker?

By Nadia Diraä and Flurin Capaul

Chance leads to interesting encounters and discussions. On an internal forum in the ImpactHub a job advert was launched looking for someone “extroverted” to build and develop a network/community. The post led to some discussion revolving around whether someone needed to be introverted or extroverted to build and maintain a network. Out of this discussion, Nadia and Flurin decided to share their views in two short blog posts.

3 Ideas to Combine Online and Offline Networking

3 Ideas to Combine Online and Offline Networking

By Thomas Kupferschmied

Nowadays, most people interact with their contacts both online and offline. However, only few of them have reached a balance that grants effectiveness. As a social media influencer with an active offline presence, I believe I have learned how to combine both dimensions. Here are three ideas for you to achieve this too.

7 benefits of connecting people

Do you know the difference between being a networker and a connector? A connector operates on a much higher level. If I am a networker, I know this person, this person and this person, and I’m happy with it – I know people, wow! If I am a connector, I know that this person and this person have something in common, I reckon that they can benefit from meeting each other, and therefore I connect them. Being a connector offers numerous benefits. At least seven.

Add value to “boring” people to get rid of them

Add value to “boring” people to get rid of them

Are you one of those folks that just disappear if they want to dump a boring person at an event? There are more stylish ways of doing so. I personally enjoy conversing with pretty much everybody, as I reckon that no person on this earth is boring. However, I did develop my little techniques for situations in which I have talked to a person enough and am now ready to chat with other people. The common denominator of all of these strategies is: add value to your interlocutor.