Do you know the difference between being a networker and a connector? A connector operates on a much higher level. If I am a networker, I know this person, this person and this person, and I’m happy with it – I know people, wow! If I am a connector, I know that this person and this person have something in common, I reckon that they can benefit from meeting each other, and therefore I connect them. Being a connector offers numerous benefits. At least seven.


Adding value

It may not seem like a big deal to you, because you know these people anyway, but if they have potential together and don’t know each other yet, you will give them a wonderful gift by connecting them. Amazing things can happen through a simple connection, and this way you can really add decisive value to people’s lives.



Not only will you have added value to these people’s lives, but they will also be grateful to you. Which, let’s admit it, is a gorgeous feeling!


Networking karma

Most of the times, gratitude translates into karma, which means that the people you matched will want to reciprocate the favour. Pretty often, people will return the kind of value they received. Therefore, if you provided them with a connection, they will probably give back by connecting you with an acquaintance of theirs. This way, you will have expanded your network by expanding somebody else’s.



At the same time, you will gain status between the people you brought together, as they will always remember you as the person who made their connection possible. Also, when someone asks them “So, how did you guys meet?” your name will come up, and a third person will hear about you – without you even being there!



If you keep introducing people to one another, your status will be repeated, and sustained status leads to brand awareness and reputation. You are becoming a brand, yes! This way, when people think about you, they will immediately associate you with your connector role.



Size is not the only thing when it comes to network science: density is decisive too. This is something only a connector can achieve. Interconnected networks are stable, powerful and efficient. Besides, they are more enjoyable on a social level too, as they lead to the formation of communities, which involves a sense of belonging, a need every human being has.



We’re dealing with people, so let’s not forget the fun! Being around human beings is exciting – also because nobody is boring, and we have the right techniques to talk to anybody, remember? Moreover, deciding who we want to connect with whom is an act of creativity, which is enjoyable by definition.


So now that we know why we want to become connectors, we just need to know how to do it… Stay tuned and you’ll find out!