Little time, but don’t want to miss out on the amazing opportunities that offline networking offers? Here are three techniques for you to apply.


Combine gatherings

Have three coffee invitations and just one hour to invest? Gather your three contacts around the same table. They don’t know each other? Even better! If they are as good networkers as you are, they will appreciate. Another scenario is you being invited to an event and your contact having time only that very evening. Bring them to the event with you! Just don’t forget to inform the host :-)


Exploit known environments

No time to attend networking events? Network in environments you frequent anyway: the supermarket, the tram stop, the gym, the café. These are places pretty much everyone goes to, so you’ll be able to find any kind of people there – including the ones you might share synergies with. And if you’re a good networker, you won’t be after too many commonalities anyway, as you find everyone interesting, and, as we stated in commandment 3, networking is simply your lifestyle.


Video call

That one-hour live meeting would be decisive for your career, but it takes you thirty minutes to get into town and thirty to go back, and you only have one hour? Propose a video call. It’s not proper offline networking, I know, but it’s something between online and offline. Video and sound combined have an amazing power. And you can persuade your contact to have a further meeting by saying “Next time I’ll make it up for this last-minute change of plans, and coffee will be on me”.


Now get out (or on that video call), practise these tricks and let us know how it goes!