Celebrating at a venue tonight? Great choice: it’s the ideal setting for meeting new people. Especially in three specific moments. Discover them quickly now before the party gets started!


1) The toast

This is definitely the moment people are the most sociable: after toasting with their friends, they will probably move around in a radius of a few metres to do the same with strangers. Use this dynamics to approach the people you’ve been noticing tonight, or just talk to random folks. Even the more reserved ones won’t take it bad right now.


2) The fireworks

Fireworks are another great uniting moment. They take place just after the midnight toast, so people are already in a good mood. Also, while they are looking up to enjoy the show, people mingle without even noticing. This is the perfect moment for discretely getting closer to that person you’ve been wanting to talk to all evening. So once the fireworks are done and your prospect brings their glance back down, smile at them and make a comment about how wonderful the spectacle was.


3) The dancing

Asking someone to dance with you is a perfect pretext to approach them. And a woman does it, she will definitely stand out for her confidence and open-mindedness. Also, in most of today’s music genres, you can dance with people of your same gender, or even in groups. Just make sure you make eye contact and smile while moving to the beat: this will create an even deeper connection.


To a 2016 rich in social interactions!